Anybody Can Get Rich, But It’s Hard Work

There are two simple things I know of, that anyone can do, to get rich. But the hard part is doing it. However, it will definitely work. And it really is simple. Not easy. Just simple. Anyone who is physically able to work can do this. But you must be willing to work. Hard.

We’ve all heard the naysayers… The system is rigged against us to keep us poor. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Those people were born rich. They didn’t earn it. They got lucky. They were born with a silver spoon…

I’m not sure why our liberal school system, media, and leftist politicians want us all to be poor, but the fact is, anybody can get rich. You people on the left need to separate politics from reality.

How to Get Rich. Plan #1

Step 1. Find a free place to live. Maybe your job has an empty room, or you have a relative with an extra bedroom. Maybe you don’t know anybody, so talk to some shelters. But find a free place to live.

Step 2. Find free food. There are food pantries, and soup kitchens around most places. Visit generous friends who eat good. Check some local restaurants to see if you can sweep up for a meal every day. But find free food.

Step 3. Get a job and work as much as you can. Of course, you should take the best paying job you can find, but even if you have to settle for less, for now, just get a job, and work as much as you can.

Step 4. Save your money. You have free food and free rent, so save every penny you make. Yeah, you’ll need some stuff, so cash a check once in a while. But save 9 out of 10 of your full paychecks.

If you did this for just one year, you’d have a sizeable amount of money saved up. (Almost your whole yearly salary.) Then take that chunk of money and start your own business, or invest in something you know about.

How to Get Rich. Plan #2

Step 1. Get two jobs. Let’s say you only make $400 a week, and that isn’t much these days. You can’t live free, or eat free, or maybe you have a wife and kid. So then get a second job. Get another full-time job and make another $400 a week. It won’t be easy. Working 16-hours, driving twice to and fro, sleeping less that you need. But get two jobs.

Step 2. Save your whole paycheck from one job. No matter what, just get by on one paycheck and bank the other one in full, every week.

The whole point of this story is to prove that getting rich is there for anyone who is willing to take the pains necessary. It hard work. But this how it’s done. You simply have to learn how to save money. It’s really true- a penny saved is a penny earned.

And by the way, saving money will do wonders for your credit report as well, which also helps you grow rich.

But wait, you say, that’s only 30 or 40-thousand dollars. Not exactly rich. True. However, you could do it again and again, and in only 3-years have $100,000. That is enough money to start something big. Even $30,000 is enough to start all kinds of businesses, from opening a store to buying a piece of equipment

Anyone can do this stuff. But it’s hard work.

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