The Media VS Reality

It’s a wonder sometimes, when I hear the media say one thing, but what I actually see is something opposite. So I came up with a simple way to look at everything I see or hear on the media.

Now, when I say media, I’m talking about everything- All news outlets, newspapers, TV, radio, cable TV shows, talk shows, websites, Youtube, even individual people- everything that puts out so-called information. Misinformation, most of it.

They’re all biased, no exceptions. Some are getting paid to report favorably or not, and others are reporting favorably or not for personal or corporate reasons. But everybody has an opinion, and a goal to bring you a only a certain part of a story.

So, whenever I hear talk about certain policies, and their effect on us, I stop and think about myself and the people I know who may or may not have been affected by it.

This is the reality check. If I know someone who was helped or hurt by a policy, then I have personal experience, so I actually see the truth. If I don’t, I can only guess.

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