Political Talk is Professional Wrestling

Do you remember watching wrestling as a kid? For my generation, it was on TV on Saturday mornings. A big sweaty guy would come on and say something like, “I’m gonna crush him. I’ll take his spleen out and wrap it around his eyeball.” And then they’d talk to the other guy, and he’d be saying the same thing, or the opposite, “I’ll smash his face with my foot, then I’ll stomp him into hamburger meat.”

When we were kids we thought that was real. But after a little time watching, and a few times seeing some fake swings and phony falls, we figured out it was all fake. These days, grown-ups all know how every match is really worked out in a game-plan in a back room somewhere, and the winner is, in reality already planned. The rest, all that sweaty yelling and fist pounding talk is nothing but propaganda to get you to tune in next Saturday.

Well, politics is not much different. Instead of buffed sweaty guys, the actors are suit-and-tie guys. And instead of threatening to tie them up in a pretzel in a ring, the tie-guys are going to destroy their opponents in the court of public opinion.

And just like Mean Jean (rip) used to do in his announcer act, with his microphone on Saturday mornings, the fake news media of today repeats what the actors say, as if that alone is the story. They too are part of the propaganda machine, whose goal is to get you to tune in to their show.

In politics, in reality, the end result is mostly already known. All this name-calling we see in the tabloids every day is just WWE style posturing. All the representatives and senators already know how many votes they have for any upcoming bill or policy vote. Therefore, they already know who will win. And all this talk is nothing but propaganda to brainwash us.

Trump’s so-called, elusive WALL is a perfect example. Here are the facts- there is already a wall. Always has been. Yeah, it doesn’t go all the way across the mountains and deserts, but they are working on it, and have been all along, and will continue to, no matter what we hear in the media or from politicians.

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